Women’s National Championship Today

While the men’s national team has been the most talked about of late, the women’s side has quietly been doing some things right. The WCFA Women’s National Championship is still a big event where teams come together to compete for their chance at glory. It all comes down to this weekend and we can’t wait to see who rises above all others!

Women’s National Championship

The Women’s National Championship is an annual tournament to determine which team is the best in women’s basketball. The first one was held in 1982, and since then it has been held every year except one (1994) when there was no competition.

The teams that compete come from all over the country; they represent their states or regions. There are a total of 32 teams competing each year, with four regions: East Region Midwest Region South Region West Region.

Each region sends its top four seeds to compete at Nationals–the winner of each region gets an automatic spot in Nationals while three other teams make up the remaining field through other methods such as wildcards or qualification tournaments.

The First Women’s National Championship

The first women’s national championship was played in 1981. The winner of the tournament was Nancy Lieberman, who went on to win two more championships with her team at Texas Tech University. She was also named MVP for three consecutive seasons from 1982-1984.

The second Women’s National Championship was held in 1987, where Pat Head Summitt led her team of Tennessee to victory over Old Dominion University by a score of 66-64. After this game, Summitt went on to coach seven more teams that won national titles (1989-2010).

Who Plays In The Women’s National Championship?

The Women’s National Championship is played by women, but the Men’s National Championship is played by men. However, you will never see a woman play in the Men’s National Championship because that would be weird and also wrong.

The reason why there are two different types of national championships is that everyone knows that women are better than men at everything, including sports! This has been proven by science and if you don’t believe me then maybe we can talk about it over dinner sometime.

Where Is Women’s National Championship Headed Next?

While the men’s National Championship has been played since 1936, the Women’s National Championship was not established until 1982. It was originally known as the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW). In 1981, the AIAW held its first championship tournament which took place at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City and featured North Carolina State University defeating Old Dominion University by a score of 68-54 for their first-ever national title.

The next year saw another milestone when UCLA defeated Louisiana Tech University 75-64 in overtime to win their second straight AIAW championship. In 1983, however, UCLA would lose against South Carolina State University 66-63 despite having beaten them twice during that season’s regular season schedule at home 71-57 and on the neutral ground 63-56 earlier that year at Vanderbilt University Memorial Gymnasium located within Vanderbilt Stadium Complex which includes Vanderbilt Stadium itself where all sports events take place except football games which are played at nearby Dudley Field instead due to capacity issues; these two losses were part of three straight defeats suffered by many teams throughout this decade including 1983 where only two teams managed wins but still managed comebacks later down those respective seasons: 1984 saw four more losses occur before 1985 had only one loss recorded due further improvements made during off months between seasons; 1986 had no losses recorded either until 1987 when things started getting serious again after several years without any noteworthy results from either side.

Still Being Played Today

The Women’s National Championship is still being played today, and it’s one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country. The competition is a high-level competition for the best female basketball players in America.

The Women’s National Championship takes place every year and has been going on since 1987 when it was first held at an indoor arena in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1989 they moved to Indianapolis where they have remained ever since due to their popularity with fans and spectators alike!


The Women’s National Championship is still being played today and has been since 1978. It is one of the oldest women’s sports championships in America and continues to be a source of pride for many people. The first championship game was played between Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley in front of 7,000 people at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, California.